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 ‘Friends of Windamere Incorporated - A Parent Initiative’

The ‘Friends’ committee have again registered with The People’s Choice Lottery this year and tickets are now available on-line.

 Your support will assist us in purchasing more equipment for Windamere's new camp site. (please see following some information on Camp Windamere.)

 There are 150,000 tickets for sale online and no limit to the number of tickets the ‘Friends’ can sell and we pocket 100% of the profits. What have we got to lose?

Please log onto as the online tickets are now on sale. They are on sale only until 31st March 2017.

 All tickets will go into the early bird prize draw in addition to their entry into the final prize draw. This year’s online exclusive early prize is a Toyota Yaris Ascent 1.3L Petrol Auto 5 Door Hatch valued at $20,337-. So get in quick.

 Of course paper tickets will still be available from 1st April 2017 and will be on sale until 31st August 2017 with the final prize draw on 4th October 2017.

 Please contact The Windamere Office on 8380 9303, if you would like some tickets or books to sell on our behalf.

 Thank you and kind regards on behalf of ‘Friends of Windamere Incorporated -
A Parent Initiative’
and please read on to see what your support will allow us to do.


 Weekly Camping Facilities at “Camp Windamere”

 A learning and training facility for young Intellectually Disadvantaged  adults

The rural ethos and atmosphere, both environmentally Windamere has undertaken to extend its daily services to its disadvantaged young adult clientele by building a Camp site facility, aptly named Camp Windamere. This additional service will offer the following:

Camp Windamere will provide an outdoors, camp-like structure where clients will be exposed to a variety of learning situations during the weeks through relevant courses on offer. These courses are offered so as to enhance their life style by providing vocational opportunities and thus greater independence, as well as increasing their ability to more successfully utilise our community’s leisure and recreational facilities on offer.

 Vocational skills training courses, able to be undertaken by people with special needs, will be offered during the day. Farm and orchard maintenance, animal care, fencing, mowing, and wood work are some of the possibilities which are able to provide these vocational opportunities. In the evenings daily living skills and recreational, leisure activities are taught and experienced.

The CAMP also can provide additional learning skills in the form of cooking, arts and crafts and computer skills.

Camp Windamere will help and assist to further normalise and integrate life styles in need!