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The programs are suitable for all clients. 

Bird Watching

This program is designed for a group of people with high support needs.  It gives the group an opportunity to access community parks and gardens with a worthwhile objective.  The group can have…


Coordination, balance and flexibility are just some of the benefits gained from using the gymnastic equipment in the “Church” hall. The program provides opportunities in increase physical fitness.

Chickens Project

The clients participated in building shelters and nesting boxes for the chickens to lay the eggs in. They also had to put additional wire around the whole area to make it fox proof and to clean up all…

Kite flying

The clients went shopping and bought a couple of kites. They also made some kites out of various materials such as cloth and plastic. They then had the opportunity to fly the kites with great success.…

Vegetable Garden

The clients went shopping for seedlings, and prepared the garden beds. They then planted seedlings in the vegetable patch and are caring for them and watching them grow. When the vegetables are ready…
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