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Windamere Park is on the Banks of the Gawler River, 35 minutes drive north of Adelaide GPO, and covers 300 acres. It is set up as a farm, surrounded by bush land and wetlands. Recreational and leisure skills, including some work related activities where individuals may develop pre-vocational skills, run on a 5 days per week basis.

Windamere Park offers a range of farm based activities as well as community programs, all with the support of Windamere staff.  Farm based activities include a range of recreational and leisure components utilizing the park, animals and bush land surroundings. These include working with horses, feeding a variety of animals, barn dancing, gardening, camp cooking, aquatic activities, bush craft and many more.  Activities are then extended to community-based facilities while emphasizing greater independence and increased levels of awareness. Programs are balanced and negotiated with the client, individual goals are planned and activities can be incorporated to meet these goals.

Windamere Park has been in successful operation for more than 22 years.

Program Offerings

Some program offerings are especially geared to the unique Windamere Park environment. Animal care based on well-practiced principles of animal and horse management ensuring safety and enjoyment is also a very active part of our program.

A range of aquatic equipment is available for activities such as fishing and crabbing. Also tents and other camping gear allow the “outdoor” theme to be fully extended. Our aim is to ensure hands on active participation for all people attending Windamere Park.

Community networking is an important focus of the programs and we strive to achieve leisure and recreational activities that are locally accessible to each client, which will enable them to continue to participate at other times.

Windamere Park staff supports all activities and their role is to encourage and expose the clients to new experiences taking all duties of care to ensure a safe and stimulating environment.


Who Can Participate?

People with an intellectual disability or acquired brain injury, requiring minimal, low moderate, high, very high levels of support, but have unaided mobility.

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