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Qualified teachers, skills trainers and parents set a high standard in good practices

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Staff are required to have a minimum Certificate III qualifications. They have the required DCSI Screening (replacing the Police Check) as well as a current First Aid Certificate.

Windamere staff are long time employees ranging from 23 years and averaging 8 years.

Currently there are 17 staff members.



Windamere is a privately owned company that has a sole director.  However, the management system is comprised of a Senior Team, comprised of the sole director and 4 senior employees, all responsible for different areas of the running of Windamere Park.
The Senior Team communicate daily to ensure effective management of Windamere Park.


Senior Team

Senior Team Member Roles

  1. Director. Responsible for the performance of Management, Business Direction, Planning and Finance.
  2. Field Manager. Programming activities, communication, and staff implementation of programs, direct field supervision, transport organisation, staffing timetable.
  3. Office Administration, Policies and Procedures, Staff Training and finance.