Windamere Park/Camp Windamere Interactive Programs’ Offerings for 2017


Windamere Park is going to be greatly affected by the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and its agency. The Disability landscape as we have known it for the past 20 years will change dramatically, bringing with it challenges as well as opportunities for our clients in the Intellectual Disability sector.

It has been ascertained, through market research, observations and by experiencing, first-hand, that more diverse program offerings to a larger clientele from a broader, larger and more demanding marketplace, would advantage both client(s) as well as services provider(s).

Windamere Park has therefore made itself eligible for services provision within the NDIA and was appointed as a Preferred Provider to their panel and received “Green Light Status”. This status means that quotes for services requested through the NDIA will not have to be provided, as Windamere Park‘s fee structures have been assessed and judged to be cost-efficient and within the standard fee structure accepted by the NDIA.

The need to meet the requirements of other areas of the disability sector e.g. aged, troubled youth, mental health, physically disadvantaged, etc, has been taken into account. 
Some program offerings are therefore especially geared to accommodate this diversity of clientele within the unique Windamere Park environment. Some examples are: 1. Animal care, based on well-practiced principles of animal and horse management ensuring safety and enjoyment. 
2.  A range of aquatic equipment is available for activities such as fishing and crabbing. 
3. Tents and other camping equipment are used to allow the “outdoor” theme to be fully explored and extended. 
4. 3-wheeler bicycles will be available, as well as conventional bikes, to ride around and visit and experience the many activity sites at the Park. This, of course, is in conjunction with the many activities already in place.

Program Offerings


Day Option available 5 days per week 48 weeks of the year including school holidays:

 Our Day Option programs for clients (each weekday Monday to Friday for 48 weeks per year) will continue with the extra incentives being that even more opportunities are now available through the wider diversity of activities provided. Woodcraft/woodwork, arts & craft, bicycle and walking clubs, a sensory and a music centre, interactive projector experiences, a computer room, an interactive kitchen/cafeteria i.e. make your own or help provide others, as well as a native animal care centre within the 20 acres of wetland used as a release facility for those native and recuperated animals, are some of the new offerings for our Day Options participants.


Campsite facility providing short-term accommodation and overnight respite, available 7 days per week for 50 weeks of the year including school holidays:

This will accommodate up to 16 ‘campers’ twice a month in the first year, to be increased depending on demand requirements.

Advantages for participants are:

a.        The theme throughout the camping experience will be a less ‘painful’ transition from either school and/or home into pre- and vocational community settings as well as independent living situations i.e. to make life less troublesome and more acceptable during this traumatic time in their life.

b.       Pre- and Vocational Training Opportunities exist within the semi- and rural communities in the Northern areas. Vegetable gardens, packing sheds, glasshouses, vineyards and olive groves as well as animal farms are typical employment opportunities readily accessible to our people. Windamere Park has a chicken farm on site, a large olive grove, a number of farm animals and many opportunities to garden, grow and maintain plants and flowers; all are to be used to train relevant clients in these skills.

c.        Further expansion will include various vocational opportunities, leisure and hobby developments to allow a more systematic integration into the community through our camps and the transitional programs on offer

d.       Respite opportunities for parents/carers are thus made available, as the camps are to be conducted throughout the year including during school holidays and weekends. One option which will be pursued are 3, 5 and/or 7-Weekday Holiday Camps at the Park.This option would provide both predictability and choice re: availability of respite for interested clients as well as their parents/carers. It would also be financially more viable and therefore be more likely to attract the interest of the relevant stakeholders.


Single Day Visits by groups and relevant organizations:

Interested parties can bring single individuals or small groups to the Park for the day only to participate in the diverse program offerings, either as part of one of Windamere’s group programs or with assistance provided by supporting staff offering written programs and/or personal guidance. Either can be made available upon request.


Specific and/or Specialized Programs to be conducted at the SHERALEE HOME for those with special needs requirement 

Windamere and its staff have experienced many hand-on situations for those in need of Special Interventions. These Interventions can/do range from a behavioural to transitional as well as a vocational nature. Being conducted in an most advantageous physical environment and having the ability to provide 1:1 staff/client support these interventions have had measurable successes achieved over the past number of years.


Community/Urban Garden Blocks:

Windamere provides small garden blocks of approximately 3 mts x 3 mts for a single person to grow veggies, plants, or flowers or larger blocks of up to 6 mts x 6 mts for groups where different members attend on different days throughout the week. This facility will generate the skills and interest in gardening at home or at least provides the opportunity if not able to experience these activities at home.

Community networking is another important focus of the programs and we strive to achieve those leisure and recreational activities that are locally accessible to each client. This will enable them to continue to usefully explore those leisure times when not at the Park. Windamere Park staff support all activities and their role is to encourage and expose the clients to new experiences taking all duties of care to ensure a safe and stimulating environment.

Few other organizations can, or are able to, provide as diverse and broad a variety of offerings to as diverse a variety of clientele.