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Information for a safe and happy environment for all at Windamere Park.


Staff responsibilities
It is important to understand that safe medication procedures involve much more than simply handing out medications.

Staff members will have responsibilities in the following areas:

medication to be handed to drivers not left in bags or lunch boxes

ensuring consent to treatment

awareness of potential side-effects/interactions of medications

observing participants for changes in their physical condition and/or behaviour

reporting significant changes to the right person, at the right time, by the right means

recording relevant medication information on appropriate forms

administration and storage of medications

check that medication matches label on bottle and medication sheet

record that medication was administered when the sheets are provided by the Accommodation Service.

Contact with Accommodation Organisations or Parents
Medication must be handed directly to Windamere Park staff in the morning.

Accommodation staff members/parents must be sure they clearly state information necessary to safely administer and store the medication.

Medication needs to state 'as issued by the pharmacist'.

The information should include:

the purpose/desired effect of the medication

when and how will it be administered

any special administration instructions

the consequences if the participant does not take the medication as prescribed

any unwanted side-effects that should be specially watched for

any possible interactions with other medication, especially those which the participant currently takes

any possible interactions with specific foods/liquids

any special storage instructions.

The label provided must include the following information:

person's name

medication name, strength, frequency and dosage

dosage instructions

special storage instructions

any additional precautions or safety directions.

Staff should check to make sure that all this information has been provided and that all medications are kept in their original labelled containers.

Consent to administration of medication
Consent to the administration of all medications lies with the Accommodation Service Managers, parents, and guardians.

No other medication will be administered including panadol without the relevant people being contacted and permission granted with the exception of sunscreen cream.
Participants' Transport to and from Windamere

Pickup times
8:45am Pick up at Strathmont Car Park
3:45pm Drop off at Strathmont Car Park

The Windamere Park buses need to leave in the morning by 9am to pick up other participants in other locations.

Running late
If you are running late, please ring the Windamere Park Office on 8380 9303 to notify us of this so we can make alternative arrangements. Generally, the bus will be unable to wait due to the impact this will cause to other participants.

Home pickup
If we are picking up participants from home, the times will vary according to the order of pick up and the day. The times of pick up and drop off will be negotiated with the parents and or carers.

Additional supervision
Where possible or when it is deemed as necessary, we will place an additional staff member/volunteer in the vans to assist with supervision.

Handover procedure
We have a handover procedure for all participants to their parents and carers when dropping them home.

All requirements for acceptance regarding medication, dress code and lunches need to be satisfied, as per requirements, and in place upon arrival.

Participants will not be accepted for handover if they are unwell or soiled.

A handover of a participant needs to be completed by one staff member to another or parent/s with a visual acknowledgement of the handover.

Participants are not to be dropped off at Windamere Park, Strathmont Centre or their homes without a handover occurring.

On acknowledgement, responsibility for the participant transfers from one carer to another carer.

All participants need to attend Windamere Park with a packed named lunch and a suitably sized drink especially in the warmer weather. We recommend that lunches are packed in the cooler bag style lunch boxes.

If participants are participating in The Going out to Lunch programme they do not need to bring lunch as they will be buying it.

Participant responsibility
Participants must ensure they bring appropriate lunches to Windamere Park.

This includes appropriate lunches stored in boxes with insulation to maintain an adequate food safety temperature and that lunches do not require reheating.
Incident Reports

Incident Reports will not be sent home on the day of the incident.

24-48 hours may be needed to investigate the incident.

All Incident Reports will be available on request from the Windamere Park office.
Hot Weather Policy and Dress Code

Hot Weather Policy
Windamere Park will close if the stated temperature on the 6 o’clock news on the previous night is 40oC and above.

Some participants have individual cut off temperatures set because they do not cope well in the hot weather. This can be set on request by/for an individual.

Windamere Park will recommend that some participants that we feel are vulnerable to heat stress not attend when temperature reaches 36oC.

Dress Code
Appropriate dress for the farm environment and weather conditions.

All participants must wear closed-in shoes (boots or sneakers).

All participants must wear longer pants and longer sleeves in the warm weather.

No tank tops or shorts to be worn at any time.

All participants must attend Windamere Park with sun screen applied and with a hat.

We will reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

All participants need to attend Windamere Park with a spare change of clothes in a plastic bag in their day pack.
Check List for Attendance

Packed lunch with drink in a named cooler lunch box

Appropriate named clothing and spare clothing and incontinence/personal hygiene items (if needed)

Named bag

Named hat

Medication needed with a medication sheet – handed to staff member not left in bags or lunch boxes (if applicable)

Sunscreen applied

Community access money handed to staff (not left in bags or in lunch boxes, if applicable)

And a smile!
Closure Dates and Contact Us

Windamere Park Daily Activities
We operate 5 week days per week, 48 weeks per year, excepting public holidays.

Summer (Christmas) Holiday break
This year Windamere Park will be closed from Friday 20 December 2019 till Monday 20 January 2020.

Our last day this year will be Friday 20 December 2019.

If you have any questions please contact us.


The Windamere Park Team