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The pre-vocational groups have been very busy with many different varieties of activities and programs.  The Groups have been extensively involved in the Olive Harvesting program earlier in the year.  They have also had a major role in the development and implementation of the new chicken enclosure.  They were involved in all aspects of the project, from designing the space, to construction of fences, chicken boxes and coop.  The groups now have a new role and assist in the care- feeding and enclosure cleaning, maintenance of the area and collection of the eggs.

Another important role the group has been involved in is the general maintenance around the farm.  These groups help with weed control, painting, vegetable garden care, animal care and collection of timber and branches for camp fires.

The fantastic environment at Windamere Park ensures there is an endless supply of interesting and new projects to be involved in.

During the projects the individual has the opportunity to learn and practice new skills.  Each person is individually assessed to ascertain the level of skills achieved and which skills need further development.