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Camp Windamere

These transitional courses and experiences are aimed at increasing the participants’ abilities to achieve their goal towards successfully coming from a daily school environment to a work opportunity, whether an independent or supported one, or from the parental home to a more permanent independent life style.
A participant can experience these situations through our Daily Transitional Training Programmes (Day Options) as well as through participating in Camp Windamere’s weekly overnight camping experiences offering these transitional courses.
By fully utilising the outdoor semi-rural activities participants with special needs are able to build upon a variety of learning situations during the week.

Camp Windamere was created with the aim of helping school leavers and people needing support to integrate into the community from their parental home and/or from school environments.
Our exciting Camp Windamere facilities provide an outdoor, camp-like experience, designed to help individuals increase their independence and integration into our community i.e. creating Transitional Pathways.
A series of comfortable purpose-built cabins within Windamere Park’s 300 acre property enable participants to experience a variety of daily living and recreational activities at night together with learning a wide range of useful vocational skills during the day.
Our staff work closely with participants, their families and carers, to develop specific programmes that meet the needs of each participant.
Camp Windamere therefore provides a series of transitional courses and experiences.

Participants, having set their goals for their NDIA Life Plan to achieve greater independence and increased transitional skills to achieve these goals, are also presented with opportunities to build a greater sense of belonging to our community.
Vocational skills training courses, if applicable, are able to be undertaken by participants with special needs. These will be offered during the day.
Farm and orchard maintenance, animal care, fencing, mowing, and woodwork are some of the possibilities to provide these vocational opportunities.
In the evenings, daily living skills, recreational and leisure activities together with potential hobbies are taught to enhance independent living skills.
If vocational goals are not a realistic part of the life plan, our courses will help to connect present and/or future life styles to community-based recreational/leisure opportunities.

This increases the participant's ability to more successfully utilise our community’s leisure and recreational facilities.
Both Camp experiences as well as Day Option courses can provide those additional learning skills to assist with increased levels of independence in the form of cooking, arts and crafts and computer skills.
Camp Windamere programmes generally take place over three or four nights, and are available Monday through Friday. Windamere staff will help and assist to further normalise and integrate life styles in need, by personalising course offerings for specific participants.

For more information about Camp Windamere or to check availability,  contact the Windamere Park team.