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Walking and Bicycle Club
The Walking and Bicycle Club is situated on the edge of the Gawler River whose banks can and do offer exciting and challenging experiences for walkers such as seeking out birds, deer and kangaroos. It is also a great place to have a BBQ lunch! If cycling is their game Windamere Park Club offers a 3-wheeler rickshaw so staff can partake with one or two participants piggy-backing. Some trikes and the more conventional 2-wheeler bikes are available for those more adept at this activity. Walking and cycling through and around the wetlands, following the well-kept roads within Windamere Park's grounds and abiding by the road-signs at crossings and stop-signs, will give everyone a feeling of worth while building the self-confidence to challenge oneself on the roads outside…… but maybe a little later after more practice?

Single Day Visit activities are available for groups and/or single participants

Community/Urban Garden Blocks
Small garden blocks of approximately 3m x 3m for a single person to grow vegetables, plants or flowers, and larger blocks of up to 6m x 6m for groups are provided. This enables different members to attend on different days throughout the week/month and experience the process of growing plants and looking after them. This facility generates skills and interest in gardening giving participants these opportunities even if they are not able to experience these activities at home.

Fishing and Yabbying
Our extensive wetlands provide great opportunities to fish and catch yabbies - very popular activities amongs the participants!

Single Day Visits